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Wang Law Team, one part of Beijing Yingke Law Firm (Yingke), has a solid legal knowledge and rich practical experiences in cross-border investment and international trade. The Team members have handled a lot of successful cases (including but not limited to, acting as legal adviser related to cross-border investment projects, import and export trade,and also as agent of clients during the process of arbitration and litigation concerning investment and trade, etc.). Relying on Yingke’s international network and close cooperation with foreign law firms and lawyers,the Team can provide clients with global one-stop financial, commercial, legal services, to manage clients’ risk in order to help clients obtain better benefits, avoid or reduce losses.

Yingke is a global legal services provider,with headquarter in Beijing,China, has 35 offices in mainland China and 30 overseas offices in the city of New York, London, Verona, Milan, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Istanbul, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Mexico City, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Singapore, Dubai, Lisbon, Madrid, Valencia, Moscow, Hong Kong, Taipei, Athens, Monaco. The headcount of 5000 Yingke lawyers and staffs are committed to providing clients with global commercial,legal services, and to create value for customers. Yingke’s business scope covers international trade and overseas investment, corporation, capital and securities, cross-strait affairs, private equity, investment financing, merger and acquisition, intellectual property, real estate, environmental protection, maritime and other professional fields. In addition, the firm has also employed legal experts who have famous reputation in domestic and international law theory and practice field as the expert consultants. Global high quality legal services of Yingke has won the trust of clients, so the volume of the customer, market share and total revenue have significantly improved. At present, Yingke has joined more than 150 industry and enterprise associations, and to provide legal services to more than 70,000 domestic and foreign enterprises

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